Shawn outside Montanas CookhouseHey, I’m Shawn. I’m glad you’re here.

I am a Christian author and blogger with a focus primarily on helping couples and families grow in their faith in God and develop strong, healthy relationships.

I am the blogger here at Abundant blogger and Escape the Wilderness, my wife and I work together on these websites.

On Abundant Blogger you will find posts to help you in your relationships, mainly focusing on married life. My wife Tara and I have been married for over 20 years and have overcome many hardships and struggles and can relate to others going through hard times.

We are happily married now, but it took a long, hard road to get here and I hope that the posts shared on this site will help you to reach your happily married life too. Not everyday is happy or perfect. But, we know whether in good or bad days we are in this together, we are for each other. We will pray for each other and lift each other up.

On Escape the Wilderness you will find posts to help you grow spiritually in your faith in Jesus and challenging you in your walk with the Lord. The Israelites’ in the Old testament walked in the Wilderness for 40 years due to a lack of faith for entering the promised land.

In many ways I have struggled in my walk with the Lord over the years too, leading me to living in the wilderness for most of my adult life. The posts I share here, speak to me as much as they speak to my readers in growing in faith and learning to overcome spiritual battles.

Author of:

12 Weeks in Colorado“12 Weeks in Colorado,” a Christian fiction book based on real-life, everyday struggles focusing on hardships in relationships, finances, and family. This book is loaded with practical wisdom and is fun to read.

Book Cover Don't let the devil Defeat you“Don’t Let the devil Defeat You,” is written to help others to learn how to overcome the enemy and his tactics through Christ in ways that took me years and many struggles to learn.

Both books are available on our website and Amazon.