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Weekly Inspiration: Get Good Rest To Increase Productivity This Week

As I woke up at the beginning of another week, I realized that I still feel worn down; like I didn’t get much sleep. I am the kind of person who values my sleep. If I don’t get enough, I don’t accomplish much. But this is unacceptable when there is so much to do. In an attempt to learn some techniques to sleep better, I have been reminded of a few that I used to practice but haven’t for some time. I guess it is time to do these again.

Here are my top 3 get-sleepy tips that I personally have used that help me have a deeper sleep.

1.Make the room dark and quiet

I am hard-pressed to find complete silence in my house. With a wife who works tirelessly to maintain all our websites and marketing, two teenagers who constantly require something, and three small dogs that also fight for our attention, I am at great odds for winning this battle.

What I do is set a time for lights out. This means, at a specific time, I shut down for the night. If everyone else wants to keep on doing their thing, this is fine. As for me, I create darkness and quietness our room. Sometimes this requires the aid of ear plugs to minimize the noise.

This means silencing any social media and setting my phone to not disturb me. Without the constant notifications and interruptions, I tend to sleep much better.

2.Listen to something positive and relaxing

The second thing I do is put on headphones for a while before sleeping. Even a 30-minute program of either positive affirmations with peaceful music or peaceful music with sounds of water helps create a mood of relaxation and serenity.

We can get so worked up that our minds keep racing even after trying to shut down. If you find that creating a dark and quiet environment only causes you to become more aware of your thoughts, try adding something positive and relaxing to listen to.

A plus to this is that we are giving our minds something positive to mull over while we sleep. This helps me to have much better dreams with far less nightmares.

3.Exercise and nature encourage good rest

I do my best to get to the gym three or four times per week. My favorite exercise is jogging. On the days that I do this, I find that my sleep is better. I find that as long as I don’t do this too late, I am well worn out by bedtime. Too close to bedtime and I am too wound up.

Any physical activities in the outdoors seems to really help tire us out. There is something about fresh air that has an effect of helping us to sleep better.

Anytime that you can get out for a walk or jog in the afternoon or right after work, try to take advantage of this. By the time you are ready for “lights out,” your body will be ready too.

If you are struggling to get enough sleep and find that this is affecting your rate of productivity throughout the work-week, I encourage you to try the techniques above. You might have better methods that work, too.

Do yourself a favor and line yourself up for great sleep this week and be more productive each day.

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