How To Keep Motivated When The Going Gets Tough

How To Keep Motivated When The Going Gets Tough

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As we go through our days, we get inspired to try new things. So, we do. We start new projects, we start new jobs, we open or start new businesses, or we attempt to pick up a new hobby or skill. But, what happens when the going gets tough? Well, for some, they persevere and push through. But, for others, they give up and move on to something else.

There isn’t much wrong with changing directions and trying something else if nobody else is affected by this decision. But, what is likely is that we will never actually accomplish anything if this becomes the habit. Instead, we will have many reminders and remains of started, but, uncompleted projects.

If this is common for you, it is possible to change the way you tackle new tasks and ideas. You can do this in a way that will line you up for success, even when it seems like it is too tough and won’t work out. Most of the time, it’s our own minds that defeat us.

We all know that we will face challenge and obstacles when we start something, but, when we are all excited and ready to get to it, these future obstacles seem really small. But, like anything, when we get closer to it, it gets bigger.

So, what can we do to prepare for these challenges and obstacles that will inevitably come along?

I have 3 things that come to mind for these situations. I have tried many things, and ultimately, failed. How did I fail? Because, I abandoned the project when it got tough and never returned to it. But, over time, I learned that it has much to do with mindset and vision and overcame this habit.

3 ways I get through the tough times, and you can too

After many years of not finishing what I started, my wife challenged me to start looking to why it was my habit, and what I could do to change it. Of course, I didn’t think I had a problem. Rather, I just figured that I jumped into the wrong thing too quickly, and that by quitting now, I was saving us from many heartaches.

Although this might have been true, the only way I really could’ve known would’ve been to keep at it and push through the tough times to see the end result. It is possible that I missed out on some really good things because I gave up too soon.

Here’s the deal:
It really doesn’t matter what you are going through. You can apply these 3 points to anything. If you have a tough relationship situation, you can apply these together with your partner. If you are struggling with a business you started, you can put these to work.

Because it is a negative and discouraged mindset that often gives in and causes us to quit, I will venture out and say that it is a positive and courageous mindset that will help us push through the tough times and make it to the end. I have put these to work and have seen positive results in my marriage, in my work, and in my overall attempts at anything I have been trying.

Here are 3 ways I get through the tough times;

  • I understand the law of reaping and sowing
  • I build a support group before it starts getting tough
  • I do not focus on the tough parts; only on the finished product

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1. I understand the law of reaping and sowing

We have all heard the term, “what we sow, we reap”, but what does it mean?

In short, this term is likened to the farmer who plants a seed in the spring and yields a crop in the summer or fall. Whatever it is that he planted, is surely what he will pull out of the ground when it has matured.

For us who are not farmers, this means, our actions today are like planting seeds. If we have a bad attitude and go around causing turmoil in everything we do, in due time, we can only expect to harvest the same things back unto us.

If we go around helping others and making new and useful contacts, we will surely be met with good fortune and opportunity when these people have such to offer.

It is the same for whatever we put our hand to; if we work each day to build and reinforce our project or venture, or even a relationship, it will develop a strong foundation that will withstand the pressures as they come along.

Nature Is A Great Stress And Anxiety Reliever

Even when we don’t see anything good coming from what we are doing, we must realize that we set out to do something (planted the seed), we worked at it daily to this point (nurtured the seedling or plant), and we will surely get to the finished result we hoped for (reap the harvest of what was planted).

The last part is where we must be careful to keep doing what we know are the right steps. It is the faith part that it will work out if we don’t quit which can be the most difficult. This is when our minds will start telling us that it’s too tough, or, it’s not going to work, or, you’re wasting your time.

Keep in mind, the finished product, the end result, or the accomplished goal, might be around the next blind corner. Don’t give up.

2. I build a support group before it starts getting tough

As we are going through something, and it starts getting difficult, we are faced with two options: quit or keep going. But, if we are to keep going, where do we get the courage and determination when we are at the end of our rope and starting to become overwhelmed with doubt?

We must seek it from other sources that are not within us. We might have a good amount of inner-strength and perseverance, but sometimes, we need the support and motivation from others. It is best if we learn this early on in the game and not when we are at our wit’s end and about to give up.

We need to consider that we will be met with tribulation and obstacles along the way and that when it does get difficult, we might be at risk of quitting. So, we can get a jump on this and line our selves up to win by setting up a planned support group.

Who is this support group? Well, it depends. It could be your family, a spouse, a friend, a co-worker, and it can even be online motivators who you can only watch on video.

As long as they are positive and helpful, they will be sufficient. Sometimes, we don’t need much support either; just someone to confirm that we are making progress and that we are on the right track. Of course, this is the time where instead of fighting them on their encouraging words, we must embrace their support, trust that what they are saying is true, and go forth with reinforced effort and determination.

3. I do not focus on the tough parts; only on the finished product

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Possibly the most important point here, we must not focus on the difficulty. Instead, we must look past it and see the end result. We might literally have to sit there and meditate on the finished goal for a bit just to build back up the vision and motivation we had.

The easiest way to get over a negative thought is to focus on a positive thought. Easier said than done, I know, but, it is possible. It is also easier the more we practice doing so.

It is important to understand that when we have a problem, we can make that problem as big as we want simply by thinking about it; well, what happens if this doesn’t work out; if that doesn’t work out and this happens, then what? It will just keep escalating until the best thing we can think to do is jump-ship and abandon the project.

Chances are really good that none of those things would ever happen, but, because we fed the negative thoughts, they grew into massive issues that took us down. This is why we need to squash the negative thoughts as soon as they come into mind and replace them with positive thoughts and facts to build us up and get us back on the right path.

Again, no matter what you are going through, this point especially, can be applied. If a relationship seems tough and that it might fall apart, both partners can talk through it, set a plan in place, and instead of focusing on the difficulty, work together on the solution.

The important part here is to have a common vision of where the relationship should go, and both keep focus on the final goal. This is the difference between succumbing to failure or triumphing through to victory.


We can’t possibly know of every difficulty or obstacle that will present itself, but, we can prepare ourselves by arming ourselves with knowledge and a plan.

The bottom line:
If we set out to do something and believe that it is a worthy goal, then, do whatever is necessary to see the goal through to the end; even when it gets tough. Put the 3 points in this article to use as part of your game-plan, preferably before it is fully needed, and keep the end goal in sight; it’s just around the corner.

Good luck!

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