How to Build A Good Reputation

How to Build A Good Reputation

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How to Build a good reputation

As we go from day to day, we see certain people, and we do certain things. Over time, we become known for the way we act, the way we speak, and the way we handle various situations. We develop a reputation whether we know it or not. It is the immediate thoughts about us that come to people’s minds when they think or speak of us.

But, what is being said? Do we have any reason to be concerned that we aren’t getting a perfect score with everyone, or, have we nothing to worry about?

Ultimately, we shouldn’t spend much time worrying what others think, but, we should be aware that a good reputation is necessary for getting more opportunity in life that helps propel us further ahead.

If we go around negative, and with a chip on our shoulder, we might get avoided by others, as well as any opportunities that might come with those individuals.

Our lives are all about forward progress in some fashion, and this is why I speak of “opportunities” so much in my articles. If we aren’t moving forward, we are either stagnating, or moving backwards. We are often happiest when progressing forward and accomplishing goals, and any opportunity that helps move us forward, also helps improve our mental state.

So, this is why it is necessary to create and maintain a good reputation. If we are known to be responsible and competent to accomplish certain tasks, then we will be given more chances and opportunities to prove ourselves as worthy.

3 characteristics to build a good reputation

We probably have an ideal life we would like to create for ourselves; a certain person we would like to be. Maybe there is a certain way we would like to dress; a certain kind of job we would like to work; and maybe, a certain income we would like to obtain.

Whatever the case, we need to play the part. We need to act in a certain way so that we can fill that role more naturally. I’m not saying to “fake it till you make it”, or simply, “think it and become it”, but rather, I am saying that we must practice for the position we want.

It is necessary to make certain contacts with certain people in the industry we want to get into. Also, it is necessary to study new material for that industry in our spare time as well. But as we do this and get to know new people, then we need to maintain that kind of character and lifestyle because that is what people will be expecting.

Regardless of what our end-goal is, having a good reputation can be very rewarding. There are many characteristics that are at play in our reputations, and in this article, I will list 3 that I try to work on as often as possible.

These are:

  • Be a leader
  • Be a friend
  • Be an over-achiever

1. Be a leader

I chose this first because it is a very important quality to improve on. A leader is many things; a positive influence, responsible, reliable, and a good example, to name a few.

Being a leader isn’t a big scary thing that only certain people can do. Sure, most leaders are well-spoken, mature, energetic, and seem to know a lot. But, that is what they practice daily and improve on. They had to start somewhere. This is why I believe that a leadership role is attainable for anyone willing to put in the effort.

Regardless of our current situation, we can work on practicing leadership skills right away. As we do this, we build our skills, and we build a certain reputation. People who know us, get to know that there are certain things they can count on us for.

2. Be a friend

Being friendly is a good reputation to have. Life can get lonely quickly without friends in our lives. When we are friendly with others and set off a good vibe, we attract similar people.

Having good friends is important for many reasons; the main one being that it is nice to have someone to lean on when life gets tough. Sometimes, we just need someone to hang with and unwind with after a hard week of work.

Whatever the reason, we can benefit greatly by being there for others. If we are willing to put others before us, and help others when we are needed, we are often more respected and appreciated in return. This helps to build quality friendships too.

3. Be an over-achiever

An over-achiever is someone who does more than what is required. It is someone who is always trying to find the limits of their potential, and then exceed them.

If we develop this kind of reputation, we are likely to experience more opportunity. This is because people will get to know that we don’t do anything half-way. We can be trusted to get the job done to a higher standard than what is expected, without expecting more pay for the extra effort.

Employers love the over-achiever’s, and they often reward them in various ways, including raises and promotions. If we are enthusiastic about what we do and strive to do the best we can at it, our efforts will be noticed and remembered.

Maintain your reputation that you have worked for

These are a few very simple characteristics that we can wake up and start practicing immediately. Even if our current reputation isn’t that great, we can create a new one.

This does take time and consistency however. If we currently have a poor reputation, don’t expect people to just believe that we are a new person and have changed. In this case, we must prove ourselves through repeated action.

Just understand that it takes much time to build a good reputation and trust with people, but often, only one simple negative action can bring it all down.

So, with this in mind, we must practice these characteristics daily and be aware of our actions. We have the power to handle situations in any way we see fit; but, how we handle them can have either negative or positive consequence.

The result of our behavior and decisions will build on or bring down our reputation.


To bring this altogether, our reputation impacts our lifestyle. A good reputation can be very rewarding, and a poor reputation can cause us much grief.

Getting known for being a leader, a friend, and an over-achiever are three simple things we can practice daily, that will bring us much joy and fulfillment throughout our days. We only need to realize that it is first a mindset, and next, a consistent habit, and it will soon become a regular part of our life that we are known for.

Take care!

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How to Build a good reputation

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7 thoughts on “How to Build A Good Reputation

  1. I think it’s very important to ensure that you’re being the same person no matter who is around you. I remember back in high school I would change depending on who I was around, and it never worked anyway, people would always find something to dislike about me. Now I am just myself 100% of the time, and life is much simpler, and I am much happier. I also strongly agree with the being a friend part; I always make sure to be open and kind with everyone I come in contact with, and it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed!

  2. These 3 characteristics don’t just create a good reputation, they also make you a good PERSON. 🙂 I love #2 because being a good friend, even to strangers, feels good. It can make a huge difference in someone else’s day. And when I have brands/businesses that respect our relationship, I absolutely love to be the over-achiever!

  3. Oh! this post is so good in so many ways. As a coach and life-long learner committed to personal growth, such posts never grow old. The reputation of being a good friend is simply price-less they can be rare to find. I have recently substituted high-performer for over-achiever, for some reason it just gives me good vibes.