Nature Is A Great Stress And Anxiety Reliever

Nature Is A Great Stress And Anxiety Reliever

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In many of my articles I mention that life is busy and can get the better of us if we let it. I am always seeking ways for us to reduce the overwhelming effects of life and all the things we obligate ourselves to. In this article, I want to point us in a different direction for seeking relaxation and a refreshing break; Nature!

Nature is all around us. Some of us live in big cities and must travel a considerable distance to find a nice piece of land that isn’t concrete. Others can simply open their door and step into wilderness. Whatever the case, getting out into God’s Country periodically, can do all of us some good.

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Nature walks or hikes, sitting by a lake, camping in an RV or tent, renting a cabin for a weekend, and simply going and finding a spot to have a campfire are all ways to enjoy nature.

Some people have created very calming and enjoyable hobbies in the nature such as; bird watching and identification, tree and plant-life identification, and even simply; photography of the wild.

What we get when we take the time to venture out is freedom from noise, stress, and pressures of work. We must shift our focus to the task in front of us and give that our attention. Setting up a tent, lighting a campfire, and cooking on the campfire do require attention and effort; but, it’s a different effort.

It is calming, or soothing, and when we successfully get the fire going or cook a hot meal for those with us, we get satisfaction from it. In most cases, there isn’t internet or power, so, we can effectively get a break from electronic noise and focus on the nature instead.

3 Ways that we can embrace nature today

The thought is nice; get out, do some hiking or camping, and take a break. But how? Some of us are too busy or too this or that.

Look, no matter what it is in our lives, if we want to try something different, we will need to choose to do so, and create the time for it and just do it. Otherwise, life will always just seem to overwhelm us.

In this article, I am offering 3 ways that we can set ourselves up for, and embrace, the great outdoors.

These are:

  • Have a reason
  • Make the time
  • Get your family involved

1. We must have a reason to go into nature if this isn’t our normal thing

The reason that I say that we must have reason, or purpose, is because if we don’t, it might not seem important enough to do so.

If we can realize that there are healing effects that we can get from this, we might be more willing to give it a chance. I don’t have real, medical or scientific evidence that says that taking a hike will heal you in some fashion. However, from personal experience, I have been known to feel much better and sleep much better after a good day in nature. And, anyone who was with me experienced the same benefits.

So, this is one home remedy that I will certainly recommend to anyone struggling with stress and over-work.

It won’t solve any problems such as; our finances or difficulties at work, but it will help in reducing tension and anxiety. This will ultimately lead to us thinking clearer and coming up with new solutions to existing issues. There is also an affordable selection of natural supplements to reduce anxiety, available on Amazon.

Once we realize that we do have a reason to embrace nature, or want to reduce some stress, we are more likely to be serious about making it happen.

2. We must make the time to go into nature

As I already mentioned, we might be too busy to just drop what we are doing and head out the door into the great unknown. Although we might like to, it just might not seem realistic for us.

So, the solution is to plan the trip. And, by trip, I mean any outing, even if just for a few hours. We need to write it in to our schedules and book the time off. It is best if we can get our immediate family or friends to do the same.

Then we must be willing to do it. We must not fill in the time off with something else that might seem just as pressing. The whole point of getting into the outdoors is to get a break from what we must do, and instead, embrace some adventure and spontaneity.

When we do this, we will certainly feel the immediate rush of relaxation come over us.

3. We must allow our family to get involved too

Okay, so, we have decided to go out and take a break. We were fortunate enough to convince some family to come along. This outdoor fun will be just as beneficial to them as it is to us; but we will need to let them get in on the action too.

Let’s say we have a campfire; get the kids involved in setting up the campfire, bringing wood over, adding the wood. These simple actions will ignite a feeling of enjoyment and success in our kids when we get them actively participating.

Even if we are just going for a nature hike; get the kids more aware of their surroundings. Make a game out of it by getting the kids to find certain things in nature; a type of tree, or leaf, or to watch for squirrels or birds.

For many kids these days, this will be much different than the regular, after-school video game session.

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An added benefit for the parent; your child will likely go to bed easier that night.


I can only speak from experience here in this topic. But I can assure you that when you take some time out once or twice per week and go for a walk or sit in a serene location, you will feel more relaxed. By taking our minds off our usual pressures and problems, we can allow ourselves to start coming up with better solutions for our situations.

I try to get out into nature daily. Even if just for a half-hour; and, even in the winter. If you find that you want to do the same and start living more in the outdoors, then it will be necessary to just make the choice and do so. I can assure you, you won’t regret it.

Take care!

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  1. Hello. I have been hiking in my area more in the summer months and in the early fall. I’m hoping I can continue it now that the weather is changing. It’s a good de-stresser for sure.