My Daughter’s Art Work

I’m always proud of my children’s accomplishments and my daughter’s artwork is no exception. She is 14 now, but started her website last year and shows great talent as an artist. She has several more paintings to view on her website.

She paints mainly in acrylic on white or black canvas. She has also dabbled in painting in oil. My wife loves to grab up the paintings, Kara’s first 2 piece painting is hanging in our bedroom, of man walking with his horse at midnight down a dark trail. You’ll need to click through to Kara’s website to see this awesome work. Kara’s room has 5 of her large paintings hanging on the wall. We have some hanging throughout the house too.

Some works she finishes in a couple hours, some take a few weeks depending on when she has time to tackle the project.

Kara has slowed down on painting since we are running low on space to hang more art in the house. But, my wife Tara and I are always excited to see her new creations.

Clicking on a photo will take you to Kara’s Website PSG Art Work
Kara's Painting of Pie the ParrotKara's Painting of our dog Jake sitting by with the Window with colorful night sky

Kara's 2 piece oil painting side one is a man walking in the woods, side 2 is the horse walking in the woods

4 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Art Work”

  1. Wow that’s an amazing talent at such a young age ! 🙂 Congrats and keep encouraging her like this ! Not all parents encourage their kids in their hobbies!

      • And Shawn God is so good, seeing your talent in reading your books, my husband and I can’t wait for the sequel to 12 weeks in Colorado. As well we look forward to using your books as a part of our nightly devotional keep up the great work for sure, we are praying for great success in all of your endeavours

  2. My daughter is the same age and very similar to yours in talents. Her art style is different but very impressive and I’m trying to find information on sending it somewhere “talent scout” wise, or possibly a magazine.
    Keep up the encouragement and God bless you and yours!


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