How To Make The Best Of Your Circumstance

How To Make The Best Of Your Circumstance

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Many of us are living in undesirable situations, but how do we make the best of our circumstance while we work to create a new one?

We must first understand that we do have the power to change our situations. It will take effort and time. It will happen by adopting new habits and regularly applying them. During this time, it is essential to keep our spirits lifted and enjoy life. This article offers 9 ways we can do this!

It is important to note that our moment by moment actions directly affect the outcome of our life and provide the circumstances we experience. If we don’t like our circumstances, we must alter our actions.

Although we do have the ability to change, it doesn’t happen immediately. The choice to change happens immediately, but the change of circumstances can be slow moving. This is why it’s critical to not just quit something, such as a job.

Many people do change careers, but it is often a process that takes time. If we simply quit, it might be several months before we build enough skill to get hired in a new field.

This said, it is best to find a way to make the best of the current situation while making changes to actions and habits that will create a new situation. This isn’t always easy, of course. If the current environment isn’t ideal, it can be difficult to try to find the good in it and press on. But it is possible.

It starts with deciding to make a change now and getting started right away. We can put it off until next month, but then it’s just a month later.

9 ways to make the best of current circumstances

So, how do we cope with undesirable conditions and situations while we make changes? It starts with awareness and a choice; awareness that there is an issue and that we have the power to change, and the choice to get up and start making those changes.

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In this article, I am offering 9 ways that we can deal with difficult situations while creating new ones. This is not a difficult method, but rather, a choice to endure our current circumstance while steadily working daily to create a new one.

The 9 ways you can make changes for new circumstances while maintaining a positive mindset in the current situation is:

  • Understand God’s power in our life
  • Create a goal and plan
  • Understand that the negative circumstances will pass
  • Build confidence
  • Enjoy the company of people who encourage growth
  • Improve yourself daily by competing with yourself
  • Avoid negative thinking
  • Create a team
  • Have fun

1. Understand God’s power in our life

We are wise to understand that we have power in our life; God’s unlimited power. Many of us feel powerless to make changes in our lives as they can seem unattainable. However, we can. First, we must be right with God. There is a bible verse that many start with:

John 3:16

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

We are all destined to spend eternity somewhere; but where? Well, there are only two options: Heaven or Hell. God wants us in Heaven, Satan wants us in Hell. So, there is a constant spiritual battle for our souls.

By choosing Jesus, we also choose the victory of Jesus over this world. Sure, we will still have hardships and Satan will still attempt to break us down, but we will find greater victory when we partner with Jesus.

Making big changes and creating an ideal future happens by changing our habits. Also, when we start living according to God’s plan for us, we will also start to realize a much better future; one that is less of a roller-coaster of emotions ride and more of stability and purpose.

When we live according to our purpose in life, we feel good and we are far more productive.

As you read through the rest of these points, understand that God has the ultimate say in our lives, but He wants us to still make good choices that result in good circumstances.

2. How to create an action plan and achieve your goals

As we understand that we must make changes to our actions to yield different results, we must also understand what it is that we want. We must consider what our best life and circumstances would look like, and then set that as a goal.

A goal is essentially a dream with an action plan. A goal without an action plan is essentially a dream.

Don’t confuse the two.

Once we write down some ideals for our future life, we must break those ideals down into procedures for accomplishment. This means, if we want to shift from being a front desk clerk in a store to owning a store, we must work to understand what is involved with owning and operating a business.

The goal would be: Own a store; the action plan would be: take courses in business management, accounting, administration, marketing, sales, leadership, and any similar subjects that would provide you with skills to be successful in the business of owning a store.

I listed many courses; of course, this depends on the person and their current abilities, but the idea is to map out what we must do that will provide the groundwork for the change and get started.

As we can see, depending on what it is we want to do, it might take considerable time to make the transition. But it is essential to start immediately. I have done this very thing many times where I identify that change is necessary but fail to get started. One or two years later, there I am in the same situations wishing it were better.

3. This too shall pass

Once we set a goal, build an action plan, and get started, we must then realize that it will soon become reality for us. However, we still need to deal with the current reality.

By understanding that our current circumstance is only temporary now, and that whatever we are facing shall pass, we can look for ways each day to make the best of it. This means: not looking at the negative parts of the situation; not mulling over something that someone in this environment said; not constantly thinking about how we can’t stand another moment of this.

Instead, we can think of things like: “I have a chance to practice the attitude I will need for my new circumstance; I can practice becoming more efficient at what I do now as this will surely help me in my next situation; Is there something I can learn in this situation that will allow me to be successful in my next situation?”

It is never a bad thing to learn a good thing. The more we can learn and practice, the more our personal value increases. The more personal value we have, the more valuable we become in the marketplace.

We are truly benefiting ourselves greatly by learning new skills and honing the ones we currently have. It is a great benefit to build the endurance necessary to live in undesirable conditions and make the best of it as any situation we have in life will have the potential for low times as well as good.

The more skill we have, the better; the more stability we have, the easier it is to endure difficulty; and, the more we can separate our emotion from our circumstance while we work on an action plan, the sooner we will get through hard times.

Also, by understanding that we are constantly under attack by Satan, we can defend ourselves better. Satan works to bring negative thoughts and situations into our lives. We can give into them or we can arm ourselves for battle. By reading through the bible and memorizing some of the scriptural promises of God, we can stand against the attacks of the enemy.

Ephesians 6:10-17 tells us about the spiritual war for our souls and also tells us about God’s armour that we can put on. We are wise to get very familiar with this passage.

4. Practice confidence building exercises

While enduring the hard times of our circumstances, we can get worn down. If we aren’t prepared, this can effectively cause us to throw our hands in the air and say, “What’s the point; I quit!”

We want to avoid arriving at this conclusion. Instead, we can motivate ourselves and press on by finding ways to boost our confidence. We can easily research confidence building exercises to get a good list of ideas.

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Here is one example:

If we have a goal and action plan but the timeline for results is long, we are at risk of losing momentum. We can reduce this risk by setting up our days where we can complete one thing each day or every couple of days.

This helps give the illusion that we are moving forward and gives us a spike in our confidence that will encourage us to press on. We often must be our own cheerleaders. We can’t rely on others to cheer us on and pull us through to the finish line. Remember, the people around us have their own lives and circumstances that might not be ideal for them.

Make this a personal goal; as you are likely the one who will be of most benefit upon success. Stick to the plan and don’t venture off course. If you do, get back on as quickly as possible and don’t waste time beating yourself up for it. It is a journey and there will be times of triumph and defeat. Keep the end goal in sight and make the steps easy enough to see the progress.

Philippians 4:13 reads:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

When we are walking with Jesus, we can draw on His power. This means we can be confident in Christ that whatever we are facing, we can get through.

5. Enjoy the company of people who encourage growth

The saying goes; “We become who we hang around.”

I’m not sure who started this saying, but it is something worth trying out. We must understand that if we keep doing what we are doing, we will keep getting what we are getting now. We can start to make the changes to our environment simply by getting involved in social groups in the environment we are trying to break into.

If our ideal environment and circumstance is active and healthy, we could get involved in programs at a gym. If we are trying to reach a higher level of success, we can start attending events where successful people are.

I realize that it might feel awkward but stepping out and trying is necessary. They surely won’t come to you, right? Successful people are goal-driven. This means, if it seems awkward to immerse yourself in their group because of your current situation, then simply keep the focus of conversation on what you are working towards and what some of your great goals are.

The same is true for any new environment; focus on what you can do and where you are going. We don’t need to focus on our current situation. That’s not how one grows.

Also, if we spend time around the people we want to ultimately turn into, we are likely to be introduced to new opportunity within that group. Some people are steadily growing, and others are comfortable with where they are. Comfort zones aren’t the place for growth.

6. Compete with yourself

Compete with yourself daily to be better then yesterday. No matter what situation we are stuck in right now, we can do things to improve. We improve through effort. Competition forces improvement. We don’t need to compete with everyone. Instead, we can strive to be better than we were.

It doesn’t matter what the task is; if we are doing something, can we do it better? This is an excellent habit to pick up as we are constantly learning and growing throughout life. If we can optimize this process, regardless of our current state, we will surely reach much higher levels sooner.

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Continuously seeking things to improve helps us become more aware and hones this skill. In time, regardless where we are, we will have the habit of looking for ways to improve our surroundings. This too makes us more valuable.

Not enough people are problem solvers. For many, just getting by is good enough. People build businesses to operate like the others in the industry and rarely reach higher than that.

And, of course, there is another saying that floats around of which I don’t know the original author; “We only need to be marginally better than others to succeed better than them.”

I think if we keep this attitude, we certainly can gain a lead in our environment. However, I think it is better to aim higher than this. If we aim to be marginally better, that’s likely what we’ll get. If we aim for 25% better, we might hit 10 or 15% better, which is a bigger margin.

We can do this with our daily personal effort. We can aim to be at least marginally better today than yesterday.

7. Negative thinking; why you shouldn’t

When we are in a difficult situation, it’s easy to get frustrated and develop poor thinking patterns. We want to stay happy and excited, but enduring hard times has a way of chipping away at our joy.

What is the result of negative thinking versus positive thinking? Well, I hear people say that positive thinking isn’t that important. I disagree. As a long-term negative thinker, I am well aware of what we get from negative thinking; negative circumstances.

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As we discussed that we tend to get more of what we focus on, this is true for negative thinking too. If we wake up and say, “Oh great! Another day of crap in this crappy world,” what do you think the rest of the day will look like?

We will go make breakfast and spill milk everywhere; we will drive to work and hit every red light; we will show up at work late and be too upset to be productive; the boss will haul us into the office because our attitude sucks.

I have actually experienced this kind of stuff. Everyday I would wake up absolutely dreading life. I hated my circumstances and I only focused on how bad everything was. I can assure you all I got from that was my circumstances multiplied. It progressively got worse.

Later, I shifted my focus to positive thinking. Suddenly, life started to improve. I started waking up in the same circumstances, but instead, focused on the great things that I could do for the day, and guess what? I accomplished more.

And, guess what the result of accomplishing more is? Better circumstances.

I encourage you to move from negative thinking to positive thinking as I believe it will help improve your situation. It’s not a solution for your problems, however, it puts you in a mental state that is capable of finding solutions to your problems.

Philippians 4:8,9

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me – everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.”

When negative thoughts strike, focus on the good in your life and the promises of God in the bible. This is always more powerful than the negative thoughts.

8. Create a team

In addition to hanging out with “better-circumstance” people, we can try and get our current friends on board with what we are doing. We don’t have to improve our life and leave our friends behind. This is what generally happens though when we improve.

It is hard to improve; only the determined will accomplish it. This means, as our friends might not be as determined to change, they also might feel less-good hanging around us as we improve, and they stay in their situations.

It might be possible to gather a group of friends and spend an evening talking about this. Talk about the need to change or else be stuck in the undesirable lifestyle. It is possible for the whole group to get together and watch and listen to successful speakers who teach how to level-up in life.

If all can get excited about it, it is also possible to create a team that works together to come up with solutions for improvement.

Hey, if a group of friends in school can get together and cause some trouble, can’t a group of friends get together and learn some life-improving skills and implement them together?

I think so.

We don’t need to leave our friends behind when we seek to improve, however, if our friends don’t want to improve, don’t let them hold us back from improving. Sometimes, they won’t improve. Not every person will be on board with our plan.

I used to have a lot of friends until I quit drinking to better my life. They still wanted to party and didn’t see my sober-life as something they wanted. Sometimes, we are forced to move out and find a new group of friends.

For me, I found great friends who are also engaged in God’s teachings. This helps me be in an environment that is ideal for me to learn and grow and where I can get or give support as needed. As learning about the Kingdom of God is of importance to me, it is a common goal among my friends, too.

9. Have fun

Group of young people having fun in park, sitting on the grass

What’s better to do in difficult times than to have fun? Along with positive thinking, having fun in hard situations will help reduce the negative effect of the situation.

Just be sure that the type of fun we engage in isn’t destructive to our progress.

Getting out and doing things with the people we love is a sure-fire way to get our minds off our current lives. We can get out and have a day of mountain biking on some challenging trails or take the camera out and see how many interesting pictures we can capture of weird things in our community.

There are so many possible things we can do to have fun that we wouldn’t have time to list all of them. What do you find fun?

Some people love taking pictures and some think it’s a complete bore. Some won’t find tossing a ball with someone by the lake to be quality fun while others long for this.

If we don’t know what we find to be fun, then that is an issue on its own. Life is too stressful and demanding to not have fun to balance it out. I have been in situations of depression to the point where I couldn’t realize any way to have fun. When my wife would remind me of things I used to like to do, I would find an excuse why I couldn’t go do that.

Life is serious business, but we are told in the bible to cast our cares upon the Lord (Psalm 55:22). By doing this, we don’t need to spend our time in worry or despair. Instead, we can give it to God and move on to be productive and have some fun.

I encourage everyone to know what they love to do and what brings them a rush of joy. When times are difficult, we can engage in these things to lift our spirits.

What do you do for fun?


I hope you have found inspiration in this article to make appropriate changes for yourself if you are living in circumstances that are less than ideal. Understand that it is a process, and like any procedure, the results can be predicted.

Set a goal for yourself and start working to learn the things that will be necessary in the ideal situation you are aiming for. Develop new thinking habits and try to get around those who will challenge you to grow and help you get there. Keep your focus on the good and the good will be easier to obtain. Soon, you will look back and be amazed with your progress and ability to change.

And, most importantly, lean on our good Creator to help us through this life. He already knows all that will happen and knows the right steps for us.

Proverbs 3:5,6

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

If you can think of other ways that might help fellow readers, feel free to leave a helpful comment.

Take Care!

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

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