How To Have Freedom From The Devil

woman with arms spread wide as she enjoys true freedom

I have lived in a state of division for much of my life. I kind of believed and trusted God and I kind of didn’t believe any of it. I kept one foot in the world and one skeptical foot in my faith for Jesus. If Satan can get us to take even the slightest amount of focus off of God, he can start dividing our minds, hearts, and beliefs.

I tend to write about escaping the enemy because he held me captive for so many years; more than 35. In this time, I dealt with alcoholism, sexual immorality, depression, suicide thoughts and attempts, as well as a whole host of poor stewardship practices for the things that I’ve been given; especially, in parenting and with my finances.

I write many articles about how the enemy works against us and how he is always there trying to take us down. I do my best to shed some light on him because he is just that clever that he confuses the masses. Gaining freedom from the devil’s attacks and schemes is very possible for anyone. But it takes a shift in faith and allegiance.

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