How To Be Led By God

young man with hand on chin thinking about how to be led by God

We all have a similar question at times in life; What is the point of this life? As we go from situation to situation, we form habits, beliefs, and characteristics. As these develop in us, they will play a large role in future decisions and actions. But for many, the results come up short. Eventually, we can get to a point where we’ve made so many poor choices that it all seems pointless.

God’s plan for us isn’t to spend all our time living in poor circumstances. He created us with so much potential, yet without God in our lives, we often fail to reach that potential. Some people get to the top of their jobs at the cost of family; some people build a great family at the cost of minimal achievements and success. It seems that no matter what we try, we end up feeling like we fall short and that we’ve failed in some area or another.

Being led by God is a sure way to make good choices and to live a fulfilling life. I personally have tried to do life on my own, apart from God, for so many years only to keep ending up at the drawing board. When I finally surrendered and gave control to God, He came in and started giving me purpose.

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