God, What Are You Doing With My Life?

Woman standing in cold stormy weather. We often don't know what God is doing with us in the storms of our life.

Most of us will get to a point in our lives where we throw our hands up in the air asking, “What is the point of this life?” We might struggle with family or with careers or with money or health. Maybe all these are going well, except, life seems otherwise meaningless.

We pray and ask God for this or that or we pray for knowledge and understanding, only to be left in the dark. Eventually, we stop and ask, “God, what are you doing with my life?”

This is a very common theme for most, short of a few that God chooses to talk to and reveal things to. We often get upset because we want God to talk to us and to give us insight and to let us know things of the future, or at least, of our future.

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