Favorite Resources

Favorite Resources

I spend so much time reading articles and watching videos in an effort to learn more and become more. I have created this page to share with you some of my favorite resources to help you get started.

Favorite Websites:

Finances are such a large part of life and often drives our moods. Learning some of the best methods for managing your money will help ensure that your incomes aren’t causing stress in your life and relationship. Here are a couple sites that I enjoy and contain some great resources to help you figure out your finances.


If you find that your mood is low, read some positive life quotes to help pick you up. I do this often, and it works quickly.


Here is an article where they have compiled a list of several personal development sites.


Favorite Books:

The Richest Man in Babylon, George S. Clason.

I personally enjoyed the basic teachings in this book that it is better to be the lender than the borrower. This book offers financial wisdom for those with or without debt. It is written in english, but in an old Babylonian time language and plot; so prepare for that type of wording.

Favorite Videos:

This first video is by John C. Maxwell. He is a master in leadership and is my go-to for anything leadership. He has some great tips in this video that can help get you on the right path to success. The video is from 2017 but certainly can be applied to life in 2018 as well. It does have a long intro , so if you want to skip right to the seminar, move ahead to 3:15 minutes in.

Les Brown is a motivational speaker that can run with the best of them. He has picked me up from the lowest points and got me back on track.

Jim Rohn, now deceased unfortunately, had some amazing wisdom in business and general life that lives on through many videos and resources. Much of his teachings might have been from many years ago, but are so relevant even today. Give him a listen to and you will easily see the practical value he added to this world. Maybe you can pass on that same value to someone you know who is struggling in life. Maybe it will help you as it has helped me!

This next video by Mr. Rohn is the length of a movie…but with so much more value. Get lots of paper and take as many notes as possible.