Don’t Let the devil Defeat You

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Did you know there is a devil and that he is out to destroy your life? Many people have heard of a devil, but few take him seriously. The devil can be a dangerous opponent to the unsuspecting individual. Are you unsuspecting?

Spooky forest, dark tree trunks behind a hazy gray sky with leaves fallen beneathDon’t let the devil defeat you (get the Kindle sample to read the first chapter free on your Kindle App.) explains who the devil is and what his goals are. The book further explains that you don’t have to be his victim any longer. If you have been struggling in life and it just seems that there’s no way to win, you are more than likely experiencing an attack from the enemy in that area. The devil comes in many forms and he has many tools to use. But you can defeat him.
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In this book, you will learn how the devil operates. You will learn his common strategies and you will see how he is in fact, powerless over you. Spiritual warfare is a real thing that happens all around you. But you will find in this book that you can choose to be on the winning side, and you can join in the victory over the devil.

If you want to enjoy your life and be free to have peace and relaxation in your soul, this book will help you get there quickly. Overcoming the devil is quick and this book will give you all the information you need to be successful.
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Excerpts from the book:

  • If God is calling on you to do something, or if you want to put your faith in God, but you are afraid, the best thing to do is to trust God and do it afraid.
  • But I would rather see you offended and on your way to Heaven than feeling good and on your way to Hell.
  • Also available in Paperback.

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