Be Prepared: Dangers You Should Avoid This Black Friday

Be Prepared: Dangers You Should Avoid This Black Friday

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Black Friday is a great time for good deals but it does come with some dangers

Black Friday is coming soon. It is on November 23rd this year in 2018. This is a retailer’s day to sell stuff at blow-out prices and move much merchandise. This is a time for the buyer to stock up on items that are severely reduced in price.

This is a good thing for most people and is a wise time to buy stuff for sure. However, there will be a few dangers I’ll discuss for you to consider before we dive in.

Firstly, it’s a time of chaos; everyone is running frantically to get there before its gone. Secondly, we are at risk of racking up unnecessary debt while buying on impulse. And thirdly, we will need to live with whatever we buy; meaning, we might add unnecessary clutter into our homes or be left paying for something for a long time to come even after the enjoyment of the item wears off.

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Having an awareness of these things can help us make wise choices and not end up living in consequence and regret. By practicing just a few simple strategies that I will share in this article, we might be able to avoid such negative consequence and enjoy the sale-day for what it is, as well as, the bargains we get.

3 strategies to apply to have the best experience this Black Friday

To help combat negative consequence and the chance of living in resentment or any other negative emotion, I have considered a few ways that will help us get through this day with the most success and enjoyment.

These are:

  • Plan for Black Friday in your household budget
  • Make a plan for safety
  • Plan your route ahead of time

1. Plan for Black Friday in your household budget

When we get ourselves in a situation where emotion and excitement is high, we can stop thinking clearly and jump in head first to get in on the fun. However, this can be dangerous as we might get in a little too deep.

When it comes to our household budget and finances, many of us would like our money to stretch as far as possible and to not be wasted.

So, when these price-saving events come along, we need to set some boundaries to keep us out of trouble. It is the same when we go to an auction as we can get caught up in a bidding war and overspend. And, it is the same when we go to a casino and get caught up hoping the next spin will be the big one as we spend away our much-needed money.

It is important to make an allocation in our financial household budget to allow for us to spend on stuff we might not regularly buy.

This helps us to still have enough for regular obligations such as; bills, needs, and emergencies. It helps us avoid living in difficult circumstances which lead to many other issues such as; guilt, depression, resentment, and regret; all due to creating turmoil in the family’s finances when we overspend.

This event happens each year. So, in knowing this, start setting money aside early for the occasion. Even $10 per month properly set aside in the budget will give some guilt-free money to spend when the big day arrives.

2. Make a plan for safety

Each year, we can watch the news and see various occasions of over-excitement leading to real safety issues. We see people getting trampled as they all come pouring into the store in full-force, and we even see fights that break out over who got there first and who gets to take the item home.

So, there are a few precautions we can make for our own safety.

When we are all lined up and the door is about to open, we must be very aware of what is happening around us. This will be a time to stay focused and get to whatever it is you are looking for. Taking your time to enjoy the scenery might not be the best plan here, because there are probably people behind you who are going to push right through you.

Another way to be safe is to not be stubborn. If you can see that there is going to be a big issue because you and someone else got your hands on a last item at the same time, perhaps, being the bigger person and giving it up will save you some grief. Look at it as a good deed and move on.

And, finally, try to leave the kids at home. If you have kids, these big sale-days are not the best place for them. Aside from the apparent risk of injury to them, there are also too many strangers around and instead of focusing on finding the best deals, your focus will be on your child’s safety.

If possible, prepare a sitter in advance for your children and you will be free to focus on getting the best deals for your family.

3. Plan your route ahead of time

To get the best savings and make the most of the day, plan your route as early as you can. Stores will send out flyers in advance, as well as, advertise on websites, the deals that will be available.

Spend some time in the week before combing through their ads to see what you want and where it will be available at the right price. This saves you from driving like a mad-man and running frantically from store to store in search of your desired treasure.

By putting this strategy into place, you can arrive at the right store early, get a good place in line, and have a much greater chance for success in obtaining the item.

By putting items of interest in order of importance, we can plan out the route and get the most from the day. Some stores will only have a certain, limited, number of an item. This would rank high on the list of places to go first. Other stores will have a warehouse full of the item they are discounting. This would rank low and be of less importance.

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This article isn’t about how to shop or what items to buy. My purpose in this article, and virtually every other article I write, is in regards for our well-being.

If you consider putting the strategies from this article in place ahead of time and following the plan you make, you will be less likely to make a mistake and experience undesirable results.

Instead of sitting there later wondering how you will make the next car payment because of overspending, or, having a tough conversation with your spouse as you tell them that you blew the mortgage money, you and your family will be able to fully enjoy the treasures you found at rock-bottom prices without negative consequences.

Good luck!

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