Is Respect, Courtesy And Consideration A Thing Of The Past?

busy people sometimes too busy for respect and consideration of others

Were you raised in a family where respect and consideration were practiced regularly? Or, was this not of great importance as each person might have stuck to themselves and stayed out of each others way? The latter is very common these days, especially with the dominance of electronics. It is becoming apparent that old family values and good morals in general are slipping away.

I might be over-reacting I suppose, but I even see it in my own house. I do my best to teach my kids the importance of being considerate and respecting others, but despite my efforts, I still often see a lack of it. Although it isn’t a huge problem, nonetheless, I am bothered by it. This leads me to wonder who else is too, or am I alone here?

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What bothers me isn’t so much that my kids slip up sometimes, but, that I see this lack in public a lot, and often with adults. If adults aren’t considerate to others, how can we expect the next generations to pick up on this trait?

The important thing to understand here is that I’m not trying to be harsh with anyone or come across as being better than anyone. Instead, I realize that each person carries a great amount of value and deserves to be treated well. But, we are not each so important that we can’t show respect or consideration for others.

What does it mean to have respect and consideration?

The golden rule comes to mind: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Most of us don’t wish bad stuff upon ourselves. So, understand how you would like to be treated and apply that to others. This is the most basic form of respect and consideration I can think of.


It also means to do what we can to make other people’s lives easier. We all have seen or heard of the guy who sits on the couch watching tv and looks over to his wife and says, “hey, can you go get me a drink”? This is perfectly fine if you just suffered from an accident or operation, but, that should be the only reason.

Alternatively, one might say, “I’m going to get myself a drink, anyone need anything”? It’s these simple acts of kindness that are fading away. Our spouses and children are not worth less than us, so we shouldn’t treat them like such. Possibly even more importantly, we should offer friendly consideration and courtesy to complete strangers as well.

We must consider the type of world we want to live in and try to do our part to make it better. If, while driving in heavy traffic, we say, “it’s not that big of a deal if I don’t let that person into my lane; someone behind me surely will”, then we are in fact adding to a breakdown of consideration in society. It is true, someone behind will likely let them in, but in heavy traffic, what have you gained? You didn’t save much time or cover much distance by doing this. You would have been more likely to feel good about yourself had you have just waved them in.

How are others affected by this lack of respect and consideration?

If we feel good when we do a good deed for someone, imagine how they feel. I am sure that at some point someone has done something disrespectful, or inconsiderate to you. Can you look back and think about the effect that it had on you? Someone else’s actions can make or break your day.

I like to use the traffic example because it is so common to be out driving and minding your own business only to get cut off or honked at. The result could be a whole day stewing over the event and having other negative side effects throughout the day because your mood took a negative swing.

We can get so caught up in our daily lives and the pressures on us that sometimes we fail to think about how our actions could affect others. But it is necessary to note that if we are bothered by it, then others are likely bothered by it too.

What are some ways to show respect and consideration for others?

I’m not saying that we must put our lives on hold and go out performing good deeds across the globe. Rather, I am simply saying that if you and someone else arrive at the same door at the same time, try holding it open for them instead of racing to get through it first.

Also, we might have been taught as a child to have respect for our elders. This should still apply. Help them when we can; give up our seats to elderly, and even pregnant women for that matter. This is a simple lesson that we could be instilling in our children as often and early as possible. As for people in authority, police and others; we should give them respect too. It’s unfortunate that we hear of people abusing their authority, but this isn’t always the case. Many of them really do have a desire to make the world a better place and provide safety.

The nice thing about being considerate, is, it is free. A simple act of kindness towards someone else is something we have ample opportunity to participate in. Everywhere we look, there is a need that could be filled. If we keep our eyes open, we can often find something each day to express our consideration for others.

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I understand that these are not easy topics to talk about. But, if nobody does, then how do we combat these imminent issues? This might not be an issue to everyone, but some people, maybe like myself, can be sensitive to certain behaviors.

It is apparent that we, as a whole, are developing a world attitude that is moving too much in the direction of self-fulfillment, self-indulgence, and self-gratification. It is good to take care of self, but, it shouldn’t be at the cost of someone else. Let’s instead, try to get a feeling of fulfillment from putting others first and helping them where we can. The result of this is a stronger community and more self-value. It’s a small step, but each person truly can make a difference.

Take care!

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Is Respect, Courtesy And Consideration A Thing Of The Past?

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25 thoughts on “Is Respect, Courtesy And Consideration A Thing Of The Past?”

  1. Good communication is definetly becoming a thing of the past unfortunately and this stems a bunch of issues! It’s sad!

  2. I”m definitely with you on this! I see more and more adults lacking common courtesy and manners. And you’re right — if they don’t have them, how do they pass them down to their kids? It’s frustrating, but I guess we just keep on doing what we know is best!

  3. I loved this! I was actually having a conversation with a friend about this the other day. We’ve found culture also plays a factor in kindness and consideration. It was pretty disappointing the last time I went home to the states and saw common decency had gone completely out the window. I hope the world doesn’t lose its kind heart and consideration for our fellow man.

  4. Hello Shawn,
    Great article. Yes, we need to be mindful of others and it does not take much at all. I am so happy that you are raising your children with a sense of ‘conscience’ and care, respect for self and others. Actually, it is even more refreshing when you talk about their slip-ups as well – this is only human and as much as we don’t like to – we do and should learn from our mistakes – young or old!
    Yes, it is a sensitive issue, but you know what, the more we discuss it as an open subject, the more chances we have of making/creating a sense of awareness. Yes, we can make changes to our world, especially if we do a little bit on our part.

  5. It’s a shame to see so many adults and children lacking these. I’m making sure my children are being raised to show respect and common curtesy to all

  6. Unfortunately, morals and principles have begun to diminish among people as the days pass.
    I think that we should focus on teaching principles and ethics in primary schools so that a new generation can come to be more committed to ethics.

  7. This is a very sensitive topic to me. I was raised in values like the ones you defend, and they really make for kindness and unity in the society. Sometimes I am shocked to see that other people lack these basic social values. Government isn’t being a good example in my country. Aggressiveness is also generally considered a good value for the individual.

  8. Very nice wrote. I agree with you. For me, the best example is when I’m getting out of public transportation and people just hurry up inside without letting the ones that want to go out first. I can’t tell you how much it annoys me that. So yeah, It would be a good thing if we could remind ourselves and the people around us how to be considerate.

  9. I do think that this depends also on where you live and how influenced you are by other people. There are indeed people who lack consideration completely, but I do think that most of the others they are polite and have respect for others. I do travel a lot and I am experiences so much more good than bad in people.

  10. I was just talking to my son about this today, after he decided to have some few tantrums and so he ended up getting a five minute talk about respect and patience.

  11. Sometimes it seems like it’s something from the past. People can be so rude! I know I always strive to be polite and I teach my kids to do the same and respect others.

  12. Lack of respect and consideration sure is a massive issue. I think it depends on many factors as well such as how you were raised up. But I also believe bad behavior are publicized more than before which is why we feel it happens more often so we must also be careful of generalization

  13. I was brought up in a household where we were taught all these values but it does seem that seeing people practicing these nowadays is very rare. It is such a shame, considering and respecting others is something we should all be doing.

  14. Thank you to all for participating in the conversation. We do appreciate that you take the time to read our articles and leave thought-filled comments that bring value to each of us.

    Take care,

  15. What a great reminder for all of us! I was raised in a family where respect and consideration were practiced regularly, and I believe that it would be my job when I become parents to remind my kids the importance of such values.

  16. This are such crucial topics to talk about. It appears that as knowledge and technology advance basic human ethics are regressing. Civilization morphing into barbarism ever so slowly.

  17. Hello You two!
    I am so happy your brought up this topic. I think we are all in a space of knowing we can change the current climate. And it as you said, always starts with us.
    And when we also teach responsiblity we are teaching the ability to respond. Which is what I taught my kids . And as Descartes said, total freedom means total responsiblity. And that is a huge one, isn’t it? I mean if we decide to be accountable on all levels then respect, courtesy and manners will always be the forefront,yes?
    Thank you for doing this!
    in peace and gratitude, ariel


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