Christmas Is Coming; Are You Ready?

Christmas Is Coming; Are You Ready?

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Christmas is coming; are you prepared?

Each year, we rush to move from one holiday to the next. As fast as Valentine’s day comes and goes, so does Easter, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. It seems that we are constantly running from store to store buying things in hopes to “out-do” our neighbors in decorations. And, Christmas might be the largest of all.

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There are some people who start to put up Christmas decorations as early as September as they compete year after year to have the largest display on earth for all to see.

However, there is something common among people who celebrate Christmas; “I spent too much”, “I am so burnt-out”, “I did or didn’t exactly get what I wanted for Christmas”. These are some of the things that we hear. In many cases, the holiday becomes a burden.

The reason for the season

In this article I will share 3 ways to have a great Christmas But first, as a Christian myself, I would like to quickly look at an important past event that ultimately lead to the holiday.

To help illustrate this, I will share a bible verse or two with you:

Luke 2:11
“For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord”

Christmas is a widely celebrated day, but, celebrated in a different way than what the holiday was originally for; the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is why it has his name in it; Christ-mas.

Now, in this article, I am not trying to preach a sermon or convert anyone, but rather, encourage everyone to celebrate the holiday in a way that would be honoring to Jesus.

We need to be aware of who Jesus is; aware of his character. For this, I will share another verse that describes His Spirit and characteristics.

Galatians 5:22-23
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control…”

These verses describe the qualities that Jesus has living in Him. Despite what some say, Jesus walked the earth as a gentle person who was concerned for the well-being of others.

We need to think of others during the Christmas season

When I say that I encourage others to celebrate the holiday in a way that honors Jesus, I mean in a way that is likened to the way He treated others.

Jesus was all about giving gifts; healing people, encouraging people, the gift of Salvation. But He was more than that. He was a great example as he treated all people with love, kindness, gentleness, courtesy, and respect.

It is these characteristics that I am asking people to consider this Christmas season. Sure, buy gifts, put up decorations, and travel; but also, try showing unconditional love and kindness this season as well.

Try to find ways to pitch in throughout the community; help those who are less fortunate.
That is what the holiday represents.

I simply wanted to share my thoughts on what the holiday is about and encourage people to try to adopt similar characteristics as Jesus had. I also wanted to offer a few ideas of what we can do to reduce stress and get the most out of our Christmas holiday.

3 ways to be prepared for the best Christmas ever!

Christmas will come and go either way, just like every other holiday. How we get through it and what condition we are left in afterwards is somewhat controllable. There are a few things we can do in preparation, so that we can get the most out of this holiday.

These are:

  • Plan ahead
  • Plan to make it meaningful
  • Plan to be a blessing to others

1. We can plan ahead for the Christmas holiday

No matter how much we plan, it doesn’t necessarily always work out perfectly. However, it does often work out much better than when we don’t plan at all.

For this upcoming Christmas season, start planning as early as possible. Where will we go, how will we get there, how much will we spend, what will we eat.

These are all simple things, yet, somehow Christmas always becomes a stressful occasion for many.

If we make travel arrangements earlier on in the year, we can often get better deals. If we know where we will be going, and, at who’s house we will be celebrating the event, we can curb some of the miscommunications that have been known to present themselves.

2. We can plan to make it meaningful

Along with adopting some loving characteristics, we can choose that we will do everything we can to make good memories. We must be prepared to not let any pride get in the way when someone brings something up (which inevitably happens at most family gatherings), and simply let it go.

Making the most of the holiday means having fun, enjoying each other, taking lots of pictures, and encouraging one another. It means to try to shift our focus away from materialism and onto finding true inner-joy through time spent with friends and family.

Also, it’s about feasting. Back in Jesus’ day on earth, feasting was the way that everyone celebrated something. Fast-forward 2000 years, and that is one Christmas activity we didn’t lose sight of.

3. Plan to be a blessing to others

Christmas is a time for giving. Of all the holidays in the year, this would be the one where we see the most generosity. It is nice to see that people give a little extra to those who are less fortunate. We see many organizations working tirelessly to raise funds to help make the holiday special for others as well.

We can help out too. We can make donations to organizations in our communities; we can purchase toys, basic necessities, clothing, food, or give monetary gifts to these organizations who then hand these out to people in need.

We can also give our time. These organizations often work on a volunteer basis and can always use some extra hands during this time. If we find that we have a few extra hours on some evening, we can donate our time to help out.

When we do things to help others, we feel good, and we feel necessary. This is not something we can get from simply buying ourselves an expensive gift. When we bless others, we feel blessed as a result.


Christmas is a time of celebration; a time to enjoy and appreciate. Let’s do what we can to prepare ourselves to have the best Christmas ever this year and avoid the common pitfalls that cause us grief and stress. Find some way to be a blessing to others and plan to practice the same characteristics that Jesus practiced in honor of Him on His special day.

Take care!

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  1. My father is a Muslim, my mother was a Christian – she passed away when I was 2. Me and my kids now celebrate Christmas whole heartedly everyear. It’s the best time of the year.