12 Weeks in Colorado

12 Weeks in Colorado

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12 Weeks in Colorado is a Christian Fiction novel based on real life struggles that people go through in life and relationships and how with the right help you can be an overcomer.

Meet the Characters.

Book cover of 12 weeks in Colorado
Tommy, he’s a young single guy trying to make his way in this world. But, each step he takes is in the wrong direction. Bill collectors are calling, his relationships end without warning and he can hold a job just about as well picking up Jello in your bare hands. He feels the weight of the world and that life is unfair. But, he doesn’t stay this way. You’ll have to read the story to see what he does that turns things around.

Jason and Jenny are a young married couple. Jason loves the expensive things in life. They have a big house, expensive cars and the latest clothes. They are also in a mountain of debt. Like many new couples unleashed on the world to make their own decisions and offered the luxuries credit can buy they have themselves in quite a bind.

Dan and Marie have been married for many years. They have a teenage son. They find life has become so monotonous and dull. They hardly spend any time together or as a family. Neither are sure how to communicate with their son. Dan goes out and drinks with friends. Marie tends to the home and fears her son may be in trouble and she has no help and is concerned where her marriage is headed.

Dave brings the story together and connects with the others. He has a strong Christian faith. He does well with investments and currently chooses not to work. He keeps busy though using his hobbies to bless others. He has great advice and puts people in contact with those who can best help them in their situation. His church has asked him to consider a pastoral role.

Can you relate to someone in the book?

Are you single and feeling like the world is against you?

Or are you like Marie, just wishing your husband would quit drinking, then maybe things would be alright. Do you feel most of your day is spent worrying and there is no joy left.

Maybe you can relate more to Jason or Jenny.

Either way, you want to find joy and peace for your life. Some excitement and a fulfilling relationship.

This book, 12 Weeks in Colorado can change your life. Are you ready?


This book will change lives and relationships

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