12 Weeks in Colorado

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12 Weeks in Colorado (get the Kindle sample to read the first chapter free on your Kindle App.) is a Christian Fiction novel, written under the prayerful direction of God. I wrote this book in a way that shows Godly wisdom and shares the love of Jesus. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I am a Canadian, but I love the landscape of Colorado. I had to choose someplace to base my story on, so I chose Colorado.

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About 12 Weeks In Colorado

In 12 Weeks in Colorado, there are several characters. These characters aren’t simply “fillers.” Each character has a situation or a characteristic that is common to me, and many other people in our world.

One character has issues with procrastination and laziness and a lack of accountability. This character starts off in the book frustrated, jobless, can’t maintain a relationship, and has no idea on how to get upright on his feet again.

There are a few couples in the book; a couple who is having relationship and parenting issues, as well as alcoholism, a couple who is having financial issues, and a couple who has overcome these issues and is now using their experiences and wisdom for good.

Also, there is a couple who hears about God, there is a fellow who likes to share his faith in God, and there is a counselor who has a heart to help.

The book is called 12 Weeks in Colorado based on the two struggling couples and the first individual, who I described. This book follows along 6 therapy style sessions, 2 weeks apart, where knowledge and wisdom in their areas of distress are imparted on them. As we read in this book and follow along in the sessions, we see the steps the characters need to take to move from ruin to victory.

My hope with this book is that individuals and couples who are struggling in these areas will see that there are ways to climb out of these pits and that there is hope. This book is a full-course meal that should satisfy. I have packed this book full of practical wisdom and knowledge to the point where you can’t open to a page that doesn’t deliver a lesson of some sort.

This book is available for purchase by following this link. I am confident that, not only is this book an interesting and fun read but also, it’s a useful read. You’ll have to see for yourself!

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